The following people are formally supporting my campaign. If your name is not listed but you want to be included, please let me know. Thank you to everyone who has expressed their support!

Mary Ann Balding
Ginger and Lee Barrons
Ross Bauer
Rosalie Beck
Miriam Berenstein
Margaret Birch – Treasurer, Charter Township of Waterford
Kelly and Matt Breen
Laura Marie Casey – Councilmember, City of Novi
Cynthia Churches
Fred and Marilyn Ciampa
Heather Colman
Carol Jean Crawford
Colleen Crossey
Julie Daniels-Schave
Lyn and Kevin DePollo
Fahad Dohadwala and Shibani Tipnis
John and Donna Duneske
Dorie Freebury
Sarah Gahman
Patrick and Cynthia Haley
Kellie Hallaron
Maureen and Gerry Haran
Gerald Harris
Betsy Hushen
Susan Hushen
Sarah Stopera Karolski
Kelly Kasper
Gerri Kilsdonk
Karen Knox
Marilyn Krok
John and Carol Kuenzel
Drew Lathin and Anne Schoepfle
Art Lenaghan – Fire Chief, City of Novi (Retired)
Dan Lonowski
James C. Lowe
Brenda and Dave Lussier
Amy and Michael Lyon
Karen MacKenzie
John Magee – Village President, Wolverine Lake
Peter and Emily Serafa Manschot
Bruce Markham
Gwen Markham – Councilmember, City of Novi
Charles Marshall
Michael McEvoy
Barbara Medeiros
Andy Meisner – Oakland County Treasurer
Steve Mitzel
Katie Bell Moore
Charles and Kathy Mutch
Jennell and Chuck Mutch
Margaret Mutch and Bill Fisher
Matt Mutch
Robert and Sarah Mutch
Wendy Mutch
Lindsay and Kyle O’Donohue
Scott Olson – Founder of Novi.org
Rose Peruski
Joe Petrillo
Doug Pope
Ratna Rao
Sam Ray
Mary Rice
Carol Richards
Andrey Richert
Linda Roberts
Brent and Meghan Rodak
Theresa Schierloh
Rod Schlessman
Bob Schmid – Former Mayor, City of Novi
Margaret and Larry Schmidt
Grace Shackman
Nancy Shaw
Michael Shereda
Tisa and Gerald Sherry
Jackie Shipley
Jack and Shirley Sirotkin
Flo Smith
Sheila and Lowell Sprague
Jena Stacey
Jennifer Taggart
Kristin Tapley
Nigel Tate
Carolyn Upton
David and Barbara Vanderhoff
David B. Wagner
Christine Wilkins-Goodearl
Ted and Mary Woltjer
Karen and Dick Zyczynski